Hi, I created and developed Taking The Kids Out with the aim to provide parents all over the UK with a free resource with which to find local, fun, and affordable days out for their families.

I first became aware of the need for a ‘go-to’ website for UK events and activities when my son was diagnosed with a severe iron deficiency, due to a behavioural habit he had developed, of eating wood from doorframes, skirting boards, and even the corners of the TV stand. As parents, our only option was to get our son out of the house and distract him. After around five weeks, and much to our relief, we began seeing an improvement, and a few weeks later, the habit had stopped altogether.

Of course, all of this came at a cost – literally. Finding local attractions that were low cost or, even better, free was difficult and time-consuming. And as anyone with kids will agree, the one thing a parent doesn’t have much of is time! So it occurred to me that if there were one central place that I could rely on to provide accurate, up-to-date information on all kinds of days out, free or not, then much of the stress involved would be removed! And hence, Taking the Kids Out was born.

As well as doing wonders for my son’s health, spending time together outside of the home has strengthened our bond as a family, has assisted in both of our children’s development, and has been pretty fun for us as parents too! I sincerely hope that by making planning just that little bit easier, Taking the Kids Out can help other families too; after all, there is nothing more important.

Thank you for reading my family’s story. We’d love to hear your stories and experiences too, so please do share them in the comments section on our blog pages.

Have fun!

Taking The Kids Out