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Adult Price ( £ 9.00 )
Child Price ( £ 8.00 ) *Age Limit 5 - 12 Years
Senior Price ( £ 8.00 ) *
Group Prices
  • 10% off for groups of 10+
Family Prices
  • Family of 4 ( £ 32.00 )


Company: Spotlites Theatre Productions
Venue: Spotlites Theatre. 338 High Street, Chatham. Kent. ME4 4NR
Sun 18th December - 4pm
Sat 24th December - 2pm
Sat 4th February 2017 - 4pm

Duration:             75 mins
Tickets: £9 / £8 concs (£32 Family of 4)
Adults must be accompanied by a child!
Group discount: 10% off for groups of 10+
Schools: £7 per pupil and teachers free!
Box office: 01634 829468
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For  5-12s!
Interactive theatre for kids who just don't want to sit still and watch! 

Battle the English with real claymores! 
Pelt rocks at soldiers with Mirren!
Fight for freedom with William Wallace! 

Unjustly imprisoned by the Sheriff who killed his father, Wallace escapes to the woods. His friends gather to begin a deadly guerrilla warfare against the tyrant knights and free Scotland!  'Freeeeeedom!'
'"Fantastic! Ten stars!" (Stephen, 9) The Spotlites interactive children's plays are always one of the highlights of the Fringe, so we were very excited about seeing their new play, Braveheart. As always, there's plenty of interaction for children -- stone-throwing, herb-picking and an exciting dexterity training scene where four kids made a thrilling challenge for a fifth, using fish and wooden poles. The actors are welcoming and encouraging with the children and very positive about their contribution. It's a lovely way to get kids involved in theatre. The final scene with an entire audience of children wielding foam claymores as long as themselves and rushing the English traitor in berserk fury was stunning. 
Where my older son was very calming afterwards ("It's okay, Mum. He was wearing real armour"), my six-year-old was cheering, "I stabbed the bad guy in his last remaining eye!" as we left, so the actors are to be congratulated on their bravery. My boys *loved* the play, and not just because of the scene with the claymores. There was a pleasing amount of dramatic battling between characters, and a clear and engaging storyline with thoroughly dastardly bad guys and the three young heroes setting off to free their country from injustice and oppression. It's beautifully judged for the age group of 5 upward. 
Braveheart felt a little darker and more dramatic than some of this company's previous work. It was very much a story of coming of age and taking on responsibility in the face of injustice. When they weren't helping on stage, the kids were glued to their seats (and not just my kids -- the whole audience). There was tragedy, too, which was quickly turned into thirst for revenge, but which was also genuinely affecting. This production wears its learning lightly, but it's definitely there -- the claimants for the throne of Scotland are introduced in a light-hearted and entertaining way by King Edward as part of a fixed race to see who can sit on the Stone of Destiny first.' - Primary Times
'This is a great fun show, which primary school age kids will love. It features plenty of adventure and excitement, and plenty of stage action for the children, who will all get to join in as much or as little of the show as they like.' - Sunday Mail
'William Wallace led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I and inflicted a famous defeat on the English army at Stirling Bridge. He is remembered in Scotland as a patriot and national hero. Braveheart takes us to historical Scotland and finds characters that are equally compelling and we find a satisfying tale, a rounded-story that offers heroism, comedy, tragedy and explores themes of loyalty, destiny and the choice between always reacting with the sword, and when it is wiser to be patient and use your head!
And the “Who wants to help me?” approach taken by Spotlites is an approach that models collaboration as an important value in the world. Each time it is uttered, there is an invitation to the children to experience themselves as members of a wider community. We are stronger if we reach out beyond ourselves and offer help and respond to invitations of help. This is part of the genius of the Spotlites approach. The invitation to help is never forced – the children make a free choice. to put up ther hands and get on stage where there is a needed task to be achieved.  And those hands do shoot up with eager looks on the faces of the audience – Pick me! Pick me! It boosts confidence in the kids. By the end everyone has had the chance to get involved. We’ve all had a go! But, at heart, it’s a moral quality at the heart of this kind of theatre. The story needs us, the characters call us to assist them and we realise the story progresses better when we join in. 
The story of William Wallace is the story of a downtrodden people re-awakening their “brave hearts”. This is achieved through faith that we have a destiny. We are offered the gritty reality of sword fights and the sad deaths of our  friends and loved ones. The English are painted as a dark people, deceptive, selfish and cruel. The Scots are presented in a more noble way and, ultimately, a people who are loyal to each other; it is the power of community that makes them strong; community and trust in noble leaders. 
Overall this is important, unmissable children’s theatre, that tells a tale, but goes further, it demonstrates the value of helping each other, and realising that our hearts become braver through those around us. A must see show.' - FringeReview


Spotlites Theatre. 338 High Street, Chatham. Kent. ME4 4NR