Robinson Crusoe the Lost Jedi Knight

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22/10/2016 14/01/2017

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Adult Price ( £ 9.00 )
Child Price ( £ 8.00 ) *Age Limit 5 - 12 Years
Senior Price ( £ 8.00 ) *
Group Prices
  • 10% off for groups of 10+
Family Prices
  • (£32 Family of 4) Adults must be accompanied by a child! ( £ 32.00 )


For  5-12s! Battle the Sith Pirates with real lightsabres! 
Master the Force with Jedi Knight Crusoe!

Professional interactive theatre for kids who don't just want to sit still and watch!

Critically hit, Jedi Knight Crusoe crash lands his X-Wing!
Can he fulfil his crucial mission?
  “This is an interactive adventure - a space version of Robinson Crusoe, now a Jedi Knight, stranded on a distant  planet, seeking a way off, hunted by dark powers, and seeking a powerful crystal.Here’s a rare thing here; a performance that finds the balance between performance of a scripted piece and dynamic engagement with an audience. It’s all acted with full-hearted and full-bodied commitment and the opportunities for involvement of childred are fair-minded and well designed. This is no pantomime pastiche but a piece of theatre in its own right. The characters are well drawn but also draw on the iconic characterisations of the films. We have lessons about loyalty, good and bad, seeing things through and also we have fun, humour and a bit of fear. It’s a great show for kids!” - Fringereview   “If Spotlites's interactive show for 5-12s is not unique it is certainly totally unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere else. Rachel Thomson-King's take on audience involvement is almost a new art form.  Crusoe is a gentle and inviting Jedi Knight stranded on a floating planet so this is Defoe meets Star Wars. Actors play roles and children play games - but at Spotlites that's the same thing. The fight at the end when every child in the audience fights off the Siths with multi-coloured lit wands is powerful, lump-in-the-throat theatre.“ - The Stage  

ThreeWeeks and Derek Award winners!

Sun 23rd October - 2pm
Thurs 22nd December - 7.30pm
Sat 14th January 2017 - 4pm  
Duration: 80 mins
Tickets:£9 / £8 concs (£32 Family of 4)
Adults must be accompanied by a child!
Group discount:10% off for groups of 10+
Schools: £7 per pupil and teachers free!
Box office: 01634 829468                                    
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Spotlites Theatre. 338 High Street, Chatham. Kent. ME4 4NR