The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Days Out

It’s hard to know what to pack for a day out. There’s a fine line between not enough and overboard! Yet, no matter which one you cater for, there’s always something you forget, right? And it’s usually something pretty crucial too, which results in either expensive alternatives being bought, or an unhappy or uncomfortable child all day. Both of these scenarios are far from ideal, so we’ve put together the ultimate packing checklist for your days out with the kids!

Getting There & Getting Fed

Packed lunches and snacks for everyone. See our previous posts on picnic and snack ideas for inspiration in our Taking The Kids Out Blogs!
·       A couple of bottles of water
·       Printed directions
·       Printed map of the venue, and an itinerary for the day
·       Entry tickets, if required, and any discount vouchers that you can find online
·       Change for parking
·       Wipes – for sticky hands and mouths, no matter their age!
·       Anti-bac gel
·       Mini first-aid kit: plasters, any regular medication, Calpol for the kids, paracetamol for you
·       Up-to-date photograph of your kids
·       Mobile phones for adults and older kids
·       An umbrella


·       Pram or pushchair – and don’t forget the rain-cover!
·       A sling or pack if you use one
·       Extra layer for colder days, like a coat or cardigan, and a blanket
·       Extra baby-grows, for changing
·       A hat – woolly for the winter, cotton for the summer
·       Dummy or teething ring, if required
·       A couple of small toys to distract, like a rattle
·       Changing kit: nappies, wipes, cream, and sacks
·       Infant sun-cream, depending on the time of year
·       Feeding equipment, depending on whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. And baby food, if you’re there yet! Don’t forget spoons or bowls if you  need them
·       Bibs!

Toddlers & Young Kids

Pram or pushchair – and that rain-cover
·       Harness, if you use one
·       Extra layer, like a coat or cardigan, plus a blanket
·       A woolly hat for cold weather or a cotton one for warm weather
·       Spare clothing
·       Bibs
·       Waterproofs
·       Sun-cream in the summer
·       A few toys and books to keep them occupied!
·       Kids’ beakers
·       Kids’ cutlery
·       Travel potty or nappies (or possibly both!)
·       Nappy sacks, cream, and wipes

Older Children

Their own bag
·       A mobile phone, with your numbers and emergency numbers programmed in
·       Music and headphones
·       Sun cream
Do you think we’ve missed anything? Let us know and we’ll happily update the list!