12 Free Things To Do

A trip out for the whole family can turn into a big expense, which most of us simply can’t afford to do every week! Yet there are still little people demanding to be entertained, and you still want to spend quality time together as a family. So what do you do? Well, not every day out has to cost a fortune. We’ve put together a list of ideas for days out that you can do entirely for free. Just remember to keep it local and to always take a packed lunch from home – so that you save on transport and food costs too!

Local Parks
Most of us have one of these, but how many of us actually take advantage of them? Parks are the perfect place for a casual day out. Take a picnic and watch your kids spend hours on the swings and slides. If you happen to have some outdoor-friendly games, like Jenga or Twister, all the better!  

Trips to Art Galleries or Museums
Probably one of the most under-used resources on our doorsteps, galleries and museums are the perfect places to take kids that are both fun and educational. And so many of them are free. Of course, not all of them will be suitable for smaller kids, but many do have children’s sections, and include interactive games or activities.  

Country Walks
Arm yourselves with a picnic, find your nearest bit of countryside, and take a relaxed stroll down winding lanes and across beautiful green fields. Big open spaces mean plenty of room for the kids to run around, plus a bit of exercise and fresh air is great for everyone. You might even want to take the bikes!  

City Tours
If you live in or near a city, you may well find that there are free, child-friendly tours available. You’ll visit parts you’ve never been to before and be shown things you’ve never noticed before, plus there will be plenty of stops that will interest the kids.  

National Parks
National parks are often free to enter, and provide hours of beautiful views and walks for you all to enjoy. They’re usually picnic-friendly and there are often old buildings or houses to explore.  

Local Council Activities
Check out your local council’s website for the latest news and events, which are usually free of charge. These might be fetes and fairs, craft days, family picnics, sponsored walks, or fun events for occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.   

The Seaside
Great Britain is a pretty small place, so most of us aren’t more than an hour or two from the beach. And no matter the time of year, the beach is a fun place to be. Picnics, sandcastles, and paddling – you don’t need to be abroad to enjoy a trip to the seaside!  

Local Canals
There’s plenty to see on a trip the canal. Watch the ducks bobbing about. Admire the pretty colours of the boats that you pass. Explain how the locks work to the kids. Find a bench or a picnic table along the way and stop for a bite. All for free!  

Planting Trees
National trusts, such as The Conservation Volunteers, are often looking for volunteers to help with projects, such as planting trees, creating gardens, and more. Depending on the age of your kids, why not help out? It’s fun, it’s free, and you’ll be giving something back to the community!  

Animal Sanctuaries
Find out whether there’s an animal sanctuary near to you. They’re usually free to enter, asking only for a voluntary donation, and the kids will love seeing the animals. Sanctuaries provide a family-friendly day out, and usually have all of the facilities you’ll need for the little ones.  

Castles & Ruins
Learn a little about your local history by taking the kids to visit old castles and ruins. These are often unstaffed and therefore free. There may well be some signs and info onsite, but you can always look up a few facts online before you go. These sites are the perfect picnic venues too!  

Cycle Parks
Why not grab the bikes and take the kids to a cycle track? These are often part of local play parks or nearby walks or lakes. They’re a great opportunity to help your children learn to ride or to improve their riding skills.