10 Halloween Activity Ideas

Autumn is with us once again, and with it brings one of the kids’ favourite holidays! We’re surrounded by Halloween in the shops, and the kids are already beginning to bring home pumpkin-themed homework. So why not embrace it? Here are 10 of our favourite Halloween ideas! 

Some for going out…

1.     Go on a spooky walk! Most areas will have one or two of these going on and they’re a lot of fun for the whole family. The kids can dress up if they like, you can take snacks, and all of you can be suitably spooked! Nothing on in your area? Make your own! Some creepy music, a few fake cobwebs, and some well-placed pumpkin lanterns, and it’s a success!

2.     Visit a Halloween fair. These can be great fun, with themed crafts to take part in, spooky trails, and yummy snacks!

3.     Take part in a treasure hunt. The kids get kitted out in their favourite Halloween outfit, are given clues, and off they go to find their prize!

4.     Visit a haunted house. Are there any stately homes near you? Check out their website to see if they have something on over Halloween. Often, they’ll create a haunted house for kids to visit, along with various craft activities and snacks.

5.     Go out for dinner. Many child-friendly pubs and restaurants will have a Halloween-themed menu in the run-up to the day, and they won’t bat an eyelid at children turning up in fancy dress. Why not treat the family to some spooky grub?

And some for staying in…

6.     Download some Halloween themed colouring pages and print them out at home. There are plenty online to choose from – just search via Google. Instant entertainment for hours!

7.     Make your own decorations. There are loads of instructions and printables available for free online. Kids can make their own streamers, fun cut-outs, and even their own masks and costumes.

8.     Throw a party. Grab some decorations from the local supermarket (better yet, use your homemade ones), send out some spooky invitations (a fun, crafty activity for the kids!), make some themed party snacks, and dress up! This can be loads of fun, for children and their parents.

9.     Do some Halloween-themed cooking. Get your apron on and make some scary snacks with the kids. The options are endless…ghost-shaped biscuits, pumpkin pie, green cupcakes...and hours of fun!

10.  Create your own Halloween jokes. Ask your kids who can come up with the funniest Halloween-themed jokes. This will be pretty fun for you to listen to as well!   What are you doing for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!