10 Easy Snack Ideas for the Car

Most parents will agree that there aren’t many things more stressful than the combination of a long car journey and a hungry child (or three)! It can be hard to think of healthy snacks that will not only fill your child up, but that won’t add hours to your packing time. So all too often, we end up stopping at the services and spending a fortune on expensive, unhealthy snacks to tide the family over until we arrive at our destination! We know that none of that helps with the stress of travel, so we’ve found a few simple, healthy snack ideas to keep your kids – and you – full and content until you get to where you’re going.  

Banana bites
  This is a healthy but sweet treat. Slice up a couple of bananas, spread on a good dollop of peanut butter to half of them, and then add the other half to make little sandwiches! Protein and fruity goodness in one.  

You can’t beat soup for a hearty, filling meal. And because it keeps so well in a flask or Thermos, you can use it as a full lunch, or in smaller portions as a snack. All you need to do is to heat up your soup (homemade or tinned – it doesn’t matter!), pop it in a flask, and it should stay warm for a good few hours!  

3.     Sliced fruit   Isn’t it strange how kids are far more inclined to eat a piece of fruit when it’s cut up into cute, bite-sized pieces? Slice up some apples, pears and bananas and pop in a tub for everyone to snack on. You’ll need to prepare this the morning of, but it doesn’t take long. Remember to use an air-tight tub to keep the fruit fresh!  

4.     Popcorn   A healthier alternative to crisps, popcorn is a yummy treat that isn’t just for the cinema! You can make your own using the kernels, or simply buy a big bag from the supermarket and pop it into snack-sized pots. And there you have it – a salty, filling snack that the whole family will love!  

Peanut butter with celery and cucumber sticks
  This one’s a winner. The protein from the peanut butter will keep the kids full, and the salad sticks tick off one of their five-a-day. Perfect! If you have an empty jar, you could even make a handy snack-pot by putting a few dollops of the peanut butter in the bottom, and adding the salad sticks on top.  

Cheese mix  
Think cheese and pineapple is just for parties? Think again! This is a tasty, healthy snack that both kids and adults will love. Just chop up some cheddar into cubes, add some chopped pineapple (from a tin is fine), pop into snack-sized tubs, and you’re ready! Swapping the pineapple for grapes works really well too. For a more savoury taste, try mixing feta with tomatoes instead – yum! You might be best to avoid the cocktail sticks for car journeys though, and remember, these won’t keep for quite as long as some of the other snack ideas!  

Fruit ’n’ Nut Mix
  These can be really expensive to buy in the shops, yet making your own takes seconds, and will save you money! It’s all in the name really. Simply mix up some nuts (for the kids that are old enough) and dried fruit, such as raisins or cranberries, and you’re done! You could even add a few chocolate chips as a treat.  

Carrot sticks and hummus   
A little variation on the peanut butter snack. And again, a nice portion of protein and veg in one yummy pot! This takes just minutes to prepare, too.  

Savoury roly-polies
  Turn a meal into a snack by rolling up peanut butter or Marmite sandwiches into cute spirals. Simply cut off your crusts (your kids will love you for that), add the spread, then cut the bread in two, lengthways, and roll into little savoury snacks.  

Chocolate-dipped strawberries   
Ok, we know this sounds rather luxurious! But the kids will think it’s a real treat, when there’s actually far more fruit involved than chocolate! The night before your trip, melt some milk chocolate in a pan. When it’s cooled down a little, but is still runny, dip your strawberries in, and set on a baking tray to cool. Pop them in the fridge overnight to set, and they’ll be ready to be packed in the morning. Voila!  

If you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments section below! We might even do another blog post on them!