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Taking the kids out for the day to Lusty Glaze Beach in Cornwall


Lusty Glaze Rd
United Kingdom


Sunday 09:00 - 17:30
Monday 09:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:30
Thursday 09:00 - 17:30
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We are an Outdoor adventure activity centre on a privately owned Cornish beach, entirely enclosed by high cliffs and boasting some of the best surfing conditions in the UK. This enables us to deliver a unique opportunity for challenging cliff and water based adventure activities families.   We offer Water and Cliff based activities and can tailor make a package for you containing elements of both.

Individual activities

Abseil – with an incredible ocean view!

Our abseil runs from the top of stunningly beautiful vertical cliffs right down to the golden sandy beach below.
Upon arrival at the beach, you will be greeted by a fully qualified instructor who will ensure that you are securely harnessed and fully briefed before you begin. You will start by easing yourself over the edge of the cliff and lowering yourself 120ft down to the beach below, taking in some amazing views of the bay and guided all the way by your instructor. It is an un-nerving experience to go backwards over a cliff edge, but once over and down, the sense of achievement is immense.
This activity is available to age 8 and above and requires that you wear suitable footwear in the form of trainers, and comfortable loose clothing for freedom of movement. This can be booked as a standalone activity or as part of our Multicliff package.
£22.00 per person (minimum 4 x )

The Terror  Tightwire walk

The tight wire is stretched between two high points on our cliffs and gives superb birds eye view of our beautiful beach from 150ft up if you are brave enough to look!  Have a look at the video below to see what the Terror Tightwire is really like.
You will of course be safely harnessed but will feel very precarious on your step by step journey from one cliff to another teetering high above the beach below.
You must be aged 8 and over and wearing trainers and a brave smile. This activity is great to do as part of a group because the verbal encouragement and laughter from your friends as you fall is all part of the fun!  This can be booked as a standalone activity or as part of our Multicliff package.
£22.00 per person (minimum 4 x )     

Multicliff  Package

This consists of the above two cliff activities plus Beach Volleyball or Footie and Luxury BBQ option 1 including beer/cocktails (see details below), it takes around 1-2 hrs hours depending on group size for the cliff activities, then a 2 hours for the BBQ hosted in your own private VIP area followed by beach games of your choice for an hour (football not available Mid July – beginning  of September. All participants must sign a participation form. 
£70.00pp minimum 8 x )

Cliff Activities Additional Info

Each member of the group will be entitled to one turn on the specified cliff activity, unless they have purchased the Multi cliff activity where they will be entitled to one turn each on each of the activities selected.
Please plan your day to keep drinking for after any cliff activities, we are very strict and will not allow anyone who has been drinking to participate in the cliff activities for obvious reasons.

Surf or Bodyboard lessons

Lusty Glaze is a private sandy and sheltered beach where no other surf schools are allowed to teach – guarantying you space and freedom to enjoy your lesson to the full.
All our Surf lessons are taught by instructors who are NBLQ lifeguard qualified so you can rest assured you and your group are in safe hands.
We teach from 8 years onward with no upper age restriction. A reasonable level of fitness is required but it is not necessary to be a top rate swimmer as novice lessons take place in waist deep water and provide a comprehensive overview of the basic techniques on the beach before entering the waves to practice riding. We aim to get most people on their feet by the end of the first lesson.
As one of Cornwall’s most established surf schools, our techniques and empathetic instructors are successful at all levels. Using foam boards that provide great stability for those first few waves, all you need to bring is a towel, your swim gear and a smile!  All other equipment and tuition is provided.
There is an option to progress to an intermediary level lesson and for an intensive 1:1 experience, why not book a private session for rapid improvement.
£37.00pp 2.5 hour group surf lesson including board and wetsuit hire………..Minimum group size 4 x for session to run
£25.00pp 1.5 hour group surf lesson including board and wetsuit hire………..Minimum group size 6 x for session to run
Private 2.5 hour Surf lesson for one person £70.00 including board and wetsuit hire
Private 2.5 hour Surf lesson for two people £50pp

Safe Kids Outdoor Activities: All activities are risk assessed to Local Education Authority standards and hold the relevant insurances and licenses to work with young people

Junior Lifeguard

Youngsters aged 8-14 years old get a taste of what it’s like to be a beach lifeguard during this popular activity. They take part in a simulated rescue in a safe and controlled environment, using all kinds of lifeguard equipment, including rescue tubes. Although the emphasis is on fun, there is a serious beach safety message and children are taught how to spot and avoid dangers, and stay safe at the beach £25pp 1.5 hours (minimum group size 4 x )

Junior Surfing

This activity introduces children aged 8-14 to the joys of wave riding. Children of all abilities are given tips to get on their feet and started, improve their technique and gain confidence in the water. £25pp 1.5 hours  (minimum group size 4 x )

Junior Bodyboarding

This activity is popular with children with little or no surf experience. The small, soft boards are manageable for younger children and allow them to ride waves with ease and confidence. £25pp 1.5 hours (minimum group size 4 x )

We have a lovely restaurant right on the beach offering freshly prepared creative menus as well as Hot stone dining. Why not book lunch or round off your day with a meal to remember, watch the sun go down with a glass of something chilled…….nothing better! 


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